When Nick was six years old, he and his two older brothers were set on fire by their white stepfather. 

Now in his early forties, Nick is a retired Marine, small business owner and raising two sons that are the same age he and his brothers were when they were set ablaze.

A Childhood on Fire is a film about the father figures who violated Nick, the effects that abuse had on Nick’s sense of self and security, and the ways he is interrupting a cycle of violence so that his two boys thrive.

At its core, the film wonders, what do you do when you're constantly told you're disposable? Can you reparent yourself? If so, what could that look like?

A Childhood on Fire was commissioned by The Guardian’s Documentaries Division.

Festival Screenings:

SFFILM’s Doc Stories 2019

DOC NYC 2019 -Special Jury Mention

Aesthetica Short Film Festival 2019


Directed and Produced: Jason Hanasik

Executive Producers for The Guardian: Charlie Phillips and Jacqueline Edenbrow

Executive Producer for The Filmmaker Fund: Minette Nelson

Cinematography, Sound & Editing: Jason Hanasik

Supervising Editor: Abbi Jutkowitz

Original Score: Nicholas Pavkovic

Sound Design: James LeBrecht

Audio Post Production: Berkeley Sound Artists

Recording Mixer: James LeBrecht

Sound Effects & Dialogue Editor: William Sammons

Color Correction: Jason Hanasik

Production Designers: Daniel Goldstein and Jason Lahman

Special Effects Supervisor: Jason Lahman

Additional Support: The Filmmaker Fund

Archival Materials: Nick Hurndon and Sgt. Kevin Miller

Title Design: Josh Silverman